Seeing thousands of attendees since the ’80s, we’ve also heard a lot of questions asked by them. Since we cannot list here 1243 we’ve recorded, we rounded them up to a few most common ones!
Q: Can I start taking classes at any time?

A: Absolutely! All of our dancing classes are designed so that you can drop by in the middle of it and start your studying process whenever you’d like. Just register online or in the studio and you are all set!

The only exception to this is for our specialty enrollment courses offered throughout the year, which do have open registration dates that are specified in advance.

Q: Do I need to bring a partner?

A: No, bringing a partner in is not mandatory, in order to attend.  Also, our partner dancing classes are built that way so that we swap individuals every few minutes. Which, by the way, is a great way to meet new people and learn to dance with a variety of leads and follows.

Q: How long are the group classes?

A: Usually, the average length of a group class is something around 60 minutes. Some exceptions will apply to workshops and special events.

Q: What are private lessons?

A: Private lessons are designed to be catered to the specific student(s), a reasoning for which varies greatly and you can read more about that on that Service’s description page.

Private classes usually constitute one instructor per student or per couple. We also offer private lessons for small groups interested in learning privately. Please ask us about our “small group privates” for further details.

Q: What should be my dancing shoes selection?

A: Salsa and Bachata: It’s not necessary to purchase a special dance shoes for your first set of lessons.

However, dance shoes with leather or suede bottoms are preferred for these classes. If you do not own dance shoes, we recommend that men wear dress shoes that are not loose and ladies wear a secure and comfortable, low-heeled shoe. It is vital that the shoes you wear will not come off during class as this poses a safety hazard for you, as well as others in the class. Please note that flip-flops or shoes without a back are not allowed for safety purposes.

Hip Hop, Zumba, and Club Fix: These classes require you to wear sneakers and stuff that is exceptionally comfortable. Regular sneaker or dance sneakers which have a rubber sole are both appropriate for taking this class.

*Dance shoes are conveniently sold at our location. Feel free to stop in anytime and grab a pair!